Karen Lomas
January 14, 2017

Jobs and careers: How hopeful is your child?

Jobs and careers: how hopeful is your child in terms of getting a job or finding a rewarding career path?

There is a lot of anxiety about getting a job or choosing a career path. Your child might be undecided or indecisive, and this is an important distinction.

Is your child undecided?

Your child might be undecided when it comes to what job he or she might like to do. This is usually because a bit more time needs to be taken, and a bit of help needed, in reaching clarity. Alternatively, it might be indecision that is holding up the action and decisions. I can work in small groups or individually, but usually not many careers sessions are required to get a young person acting independently.

Is your child indecisive?

If your child is indecisive it could be that they are lacking in confidence, unmotivated or anxious. It is believed that an increasing number of adolescents are suffering from such anxiety and this can result in delays in exploring options. I will most likely see a young person one-on-one for 4 or more sessions if they are feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

The role of Hope

Much research and reporting is coming from Canada with regard to increasing career hope in children and young adults. A report from November 2016, out of the University of British Colombia, and published in careers journal CERIC, shows that simple activities can be carried out either in person, or just as effectively online, in order to improve hope in young job seekers. Hope has an impact on outlook, resilience and actions.

In terms of jobs and careers, how hopeful is your child? Is he or she undecided or indecisive? I can help by using timely, cost-effective and impactful interventions.

Call me if your child needs improved job or career hopefulness. 0419 390 994.

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