If your child drops out of university

If your child drops out of university, you might be feeling very concerned about what they are going to do next. Dropping out of university in the first year of study is not uncommon. On average, in Australia, around 25% of students will drop out of university, and not return to study. Andrew Norton, refers […]

Stress and Anxiety in Year 12

In my career coaching practice I see many year 12 students who are experiencing stress and anxiety. This is not a reflection upon 2017 clients – stress and anxiety has been a common theme for clients of all ages throughout my years as a private career coach. What is concerning for me as a career […]

Careers Coaching for Students: How will the Federal Budget impact your Child?

Careers coaching can support students and parents at times of change. The Federal Budget is one such time of uncertainty. So briefly to highlight the key changes with respect to education: Schools An additional $18.6 bn over 10 years (needs-based, so some schools will benefit, others will lose out). Universities – subject to a 2.5% […]

How career help works for students

Career help really works! I have been reading with interest some recently published research, by the Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF), which has found that career help works. Here is a key result from this work: Perhaps the most important finding from a practical perspective is that career development interventions work. Regardless of intervention need […]

Worried about your child dropping out of university?

There seems to be reason to worry about your child dropping out of university. The research is there to prove that it’s happening a lot. According to Education Minister, Simon Birmingham, “We’ve heard too many stories about students who have changed courses, dropped out because they made the wrong choices about what to study, students […]

Jobs and careers: How hopeful is your child?

Jobs and careers: how hopeful is your child in terms of getting a job or finding a rewarding career path? There is a lot of anxiety about getting a job or choosing a career path. Your child might be undecided or indecisive, and this is an important distinction. Is your child undecided? Your child might […]

Helping with course preference change.

It’s been a busy few weeks helping with course preference change. So many parents, or students themselves, have contacted me this year, when their VCE results were released, for a range of reasons, and driven by anxiety and the urgency of the process. Many were looking for help because they did so well. Better than […]