Dates for interviews for Medicine degrees Australia

I am sharing an updated list of dates for the interviews for applicants to courses in medicine around Australia. I have had very recent success working with a surgeon who was applying for a medical fellowship. We prepared for his interview thoroughly over a period of a few weeks. It was conducted online, which added […]

What are STEM subjects and Soft Skills?

What are STEM subjects and Soft skills? These are the buzz words being used in careers. Everyone is talking about STEM subjects and soft skills, etc – the trouble is, do we know what these are and why they are related? Also, do we know how to communicate them to a prospective employer, or recruiter? […]

Looking for a job?

Is your child or young adult looking for a job? Gaining employment is increasingly difficult in light of current trends. For example, automation is taking jobs from youth groups: We pay at an automated teller at the supermarket more frequently that queue and pay a young employee. More of the “human” roles are being taken over […]

Hiring Staff

  I’ve been doing a lot of work with young job seekers recently and so when the topic of hiring staff came up at  lunch this week, I was all ears. The yummy lunch was with fellow members of the Bayside Business Network, at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club. The guest speaker was the well […]

Do recruiters look at your Shoes?

Thinking back to my time in business, I do not specifically recall checking out a candidate’s footwear. On the other hand, it is highly possible that I did notice the lack of spit and polish, a worn-down-to-nothing heel, or a chewed up strap that looked like something that had been in the dog’s mouth. Something […]