Equity in University Courses

University course fees may yet be deregulated, based on government intentions to save money on the cost of tertiary education. One of the plans set out in the recent budget “Options Paper” is to allow universities to highlight particular courses as their ‘Flagship’ offering. The concern here is that if fees are indeed deregulated, the […]

Choosing courses through VTAC

How can you help your year 12 student with choosing courses through VTAC? For some this is pretty straightforward. If your son or daughter has been loving science subjects, for example, is getting great grades and knows that they truly do want to be a doctor, then it’s as simple as making sure they get […]

Looking for VTAC application support?

Are you, or is your young one in year 12, looking for VTAC application support?Are you finding it hard to see the wood for the trees? Good news, you have found the right person to help! I have years of experience as a counsellor and in particular have supported many students through the sometimes quite […]

Providing advice to Year 10 students: scaling and the ATAR

This blog is from VTAC  May 20, 2014 • Helping year 10 students make study choicesAll VCE studies are treated equally in the calculation of the ATAR The ATAR represents a students’ overall performance in their VCE studies, not just in one or two studies. In order to make sure that all studies are treated […]

Are you ready for your ATAR?

On Monday 16th December secondary school students around Victoria, Australia will receive their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) results and ATAR Score. If you happen to be reading this blog in other part of the world, you will be wondering what this is all about. Clearly it is something to do with an important qualification, but when […]