Australian Universities Accord Review – What does it mean for fees and access to degree courses?

I have been reading the Australian Universities Accord Review with interest. I’ve also read what Andrew Norton has to say in response to the interim report of the Australian Universities Accord Review. I wasn’t a fan of Scott Morrison’s policy change, which made Arts degrees dreadfully expensive and discounted courses on the basis of skills […]

Resume Writing Resources for Students, Graduates & Career Transitioners

I’m working with a lot of clients who are seeking Resume Writing support. These are: first job seekers and those looking for Volunteering and Work Experience Opportunities, who are age 15 and in year 9, 10 or 11 at secondary school university students seeking part-time work, or internship opportunities graduates applying for their first relevant […]

Career Coaching for Students: NAPLAN Tests

Parents of students in years 3, 5, 7 and 9, wonder what the benefit is, to their child, of the NAPLAN Tests. It can cause stress and be an anxious time for students. The NAPLAN tests have just been conducted in schools a few weeks ago, so it seems like a good time to be […]

Careers Advice for parents supporting your child in 1st Year of University

If you are a parent of a student starting uni in 2023, you will be wondering whether there is anything you can be doing to support your child. It will feel like only a short time ago that you were taking your child to school to join Prep, or transitioning up to secondary school. Suddenly […]

The Debate about the ATAR – By a migrant mum and career coach

There is a huge debate going on, in the media, regarding the ATAR the student ranking process for entry into higher education courses. Indeed, quite a number of school Principals are calling for the ATAR to be scrapped. Indeed, in Victoria, Carey Grammar Principal, Jonathan Walter, in The Age newspaper, states that; “The ATAR is […]

Is This a Good Time To Be Changing Jobs?

This blog is for all career transitioners. Anyone thinking about changing jobs, read on. I’m seeing quite a number of adult job-seeking clients at this time. This is not unusual. I often find that people return to career coaching after a period of time, or commence career development planning around now. Maybe it’s because it […]

What can Parents do to help their Year-12 student during their study leave – Australian students

Dear parents of year-12 students It’s almost done! This academic year for your child. It’s amazing that it’s gone so quickly and wonderful that they have, for the most part, been able to attend classes this year. I’m sure you feel immensely proud of the hard work your child has put in this year and […]

Is it a good idea to travel when you’re young

Has your child got a friend who lives on the other side of the world? Has your restless teenager decided to defer their studies because grandma has a spare room in an overseas location? Or does the young adult in your house want to work, or even to volunteer, somewhere other than in their home […]

Is It a Good Idea to Study Overseas?

Some secondary school students show an interest in studying overseas. Parents may wonder whether overseas study is a good option at this time. This blog examines in brief, the advantages and pitfalls, the issues to consider, as well as the complexities of the application and acceptance processes. I will confine my blog to overseas study […]

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