Student Career Advice for Parents

High school can be stressful for adolescents, as it is a time where they must deal with a lot of rapid change in their lives. During this period, you may find your son or daughter either turning to you for advice, or growing distant.
It is important to recognise that you are a huge influence on your child, and you can help to provide support during the decision making process as they plan for their future.

Karen’s Approach

When Karen talks about career coaching for young people, she emphasises the importance of collaboration. Karen’s aim is to empower your son or daughter to take the future into their own hands. Karen helps adolescents and young adults gain clarity around what they enjoy and what they might like to do. Your son or daughter will gain independence and make confident, informed choices for their future.
Rather than working in groups, Karen typically coaches students privately. One-on-one coaching allows for the creation of a trust relationship. Trust is important because your child needs to believe that everything divulged in their coaching sessions is confidential. With Karen’s post-graduate qualification in career development practice and memberships of two industry-leading organisations – the CEAV and CDAA – Karen has the know-how to coach your child as best as possible.
Karen has found that ongoing relationships help her provide the best coaching support. Some coaching services may only focus on short-term goals and may drop out of the picture as soon as their client gains employment, or receives the course offer they were after. Karen’s philosophy is that jobs and careers are ever-changing and evolving. Maintaining contact over time is therefore most beneficial.


You can learn more about Karen’s process here.