Year 9

Year 9 is commonly thought of as an ‘in between’ or transitional stretch on the journey through high school. While it may be tempting to see it as less important than the VCE years, it’s actually a fantastic year for students to get to know their strengths, broaden their horizons and hone in on future possibilities.

Karen’s Approach

Karen greatly values the chance to get to know students at this early stage so she can help them lay solid foundations for the future. As a career coach, Karen has made sure that she is familiar with the different phases of Year 9. Students will be introduced to a higher workload and a more self-driven approach to learning. Karen helps students establish a routine with effective study habits that will also be useful in years to come.
In Year 9 students will start receiving information about electives for Year 10. This might involve discussions around the possibility of starting a VCE or VET subject early, depending on their grades. Now is a good time to start assisting students to gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. In one-on-one meetings, Karen will help the student recognise areas that they should be honing in on and other areas they can improve.
As Year 9 draws to a close, schools will expect students to start thinking about what subject areas they would like to study in Year 10. This can be a very confusing and pressuring time for students, so Karen likes to utilise reliable career counselling resource tools to help them gain a deeper understanding of what areas might be of interest.


You can learn more about Karen’s process here.