Career Change Advice

Your career is like a journey. When you’re on a journey, the scenery is always changing. You may choose to step off one path, and sometimes the path you’re on disappears in front of you.
When changes in your life journey are about jobs and education, it is called career transitioning. Unexpected transitions can uproot your life, disrupt your financial security and remove a part of your day that you really enjoyed. With the right support, a terrifying transition can become an exciting one. Career counselling helps to reveal the hidden pathways that aren’t too far away.

Karen’s Approach

Karen aims to help clients transition more smoothly from one stage of their life to another. The smoother the transition, the easier it will be to regain the stability, money and fulfilment you get out of doing what you love.
Coaching should not be a quick fix that relies on pre-written document templates or making applications on your behalf. Karen will teach you all the fundamentals which empower you to advance your own career well into the future.
Many of Karen’s clients lead busy schedules, which is why Karen provides blended services. You can chat with Karen face-to-face, on the phone, via skype or by message. With Karen, you can make your career change transition a seamless and positive experience.


You can learn more about Karen’s process here.

Case Study

Ruth, age 60, came to Karen in 2018 upon deciding to exit from her life-long career for a combination of compelling reasons. The client was not ready for retirement, but knew that she did not wish to remain in a full-time professional role. During their discussion, Ruth recounted experiences in supporting ageing parents and a sick sister. She felt a sense of reward and personal pride in her ability to be strong and pragmatic and was excited to learn about the profession within the aged-care sector of diversional therapist.

Karen’s client engaged in a part-time Certificate level qualification and soon obtained work for a large aged care organisation after gaining skills while working with her in targeted job search, resume and cover-letter writing. More recently, Ruth has returned for further resume writing assistance in order to support her in another application. Recent events related to COVID-19 meant that the client did not proceed with her application for the role.