Year 11

For most students, Year 11 brings a significant increase in workload, as homework and study becomes a core part of learning. Students may have to reconsider external activities if they have previously been juggling a number of sports, social and/or work commitments. Because of the changes VCE brings, planning for the future shouldn’t be left until Year 12.

Karen’s Approach

It can be easy to become snowed under by the workload in Year 11. It is a year full of assessments, practice exams, putting together portfolios and thinking about potential courses. Karen likes to meet with Year 11 students around 7–8 weeks through Term 1. This is an opportunity to check in on subjects, grades and any issues or distractions that may be coming up. From there, Karen and the student can work on developing specific skills such as time management or resume writing and discuss part-time work, hobbies or work experience opportunities.
Karen recommends the middle of Term 2 as a suitable time to arrange a second career coaching session. It is in this session where you can identify any problematic subjects and find practical solutions to any roadblocks before they become too overwhelming. In this session, the Career Action Plan will be revisited to check the student’s progress while also working on career development activities specific to their individual needs.
By the end of the year, Karen will be working with the student to discuss potential subjects for Year 12, clarify the application process and any prerequisites for higher education, and work on specific tasks that need attention, such as resume writing and creating folios for specific application types.


You can learn more about Karen’s process here.