Career Counselling

For young people today, the potential for career satisfaction is enormous. However, many university students and new graduates find themselves financially insecure, directionless or unmotivated in the pursuit of their dream career. This can lead to neglected studies, jumping between unfulfilling jobs or finding themselves stuck in unemployment.

The Karen Your Career Coach Approach

Karen’s role is to rekindle momentum and motivation so as to make steps towards a career you’ll love and master the skills needed to navigate it. Whether you’re unclear on how to proceed in your path of study, unsure of what to do with your new degree, or short on qualifications for the job you want, Karen can help you make sense of your options.
Karen offers a unique approach to career planning that supports you in clarifying your relative skills, interests and preferences, while also providing tools for reaching your potential. Karen’s practical coaching support covers essential processes such as identifying job opportunities, applying with confidence, writing strong resumes, effective networking and excelling at interviews.
Consultations are confidential and case-based. A flexible delivery format means you can supplement face-to-face appointments with online or phone support, using tools such as Zoom, email and phone calls, or texts, to touch base with Karen as needed.


You can learn more about Karen’s process here.

Case Study

A 17-year-old Year 12 student was given Karen’s contact details by her school-based career coach who knew that Karen had training in the use and interpretation of the Morrisby Online Career Assessment resource. The student was very creative and was already writing scripts and short fiction stories. The student did not, however, have an understanding of training or study career options.


With Karen’s encouragement, she explored courses in screenwriting. Karen was able to share resources that she was familiar with, due to having prior experience in guiding script/screenwriters in the past. Karen was also able to share the contact details of a past client who worked in this area in the USA, for networking purposes. The client was successful in her application into a specialist course at the Fine Arts faculty of the University of Melbourne.