Career Support & Learning at University

The University Landscape – Career Support & Learning at University Are you heading off to university?  Congratulations! This blog is for those of you who are entering higher education for the first time. You may not know what is available at university regarding career and learning support, so this blog is for you. Did you  […]

How to be Positive, for Students and Young Job Seekers

How can parents, friends and family members stay positive for their year 12 child; year 11 child; their job-seeking sibling? How can they stay positive themselves, when Covid-19 is still out here? Covid-19, an Iceberg of Sorts I’m not saying this is easy. There is no quick fix to anxiety, or lack of optimism. We […]

Career Coaching, Is it different to other coaching services?

As I hit my 6 year anniversary of private and professional career coaching practice, I am keen to reflect, and also to communicate the distinctions between career coaching and other coaching services, such as life coaching, that you might find on the internet. In reflection I have experienced wonderful success with my clients and I’m […]

Parents – career education should start in primary school.

Research is showing that parents are keen for their children to receive career education in primary school and that learning about careers is proving beneficial to children as young as 6 years of age. My immediate thought, when I heard about this, was that Mattel has got it right in creating their new range of […]

What do I look for in a career coach for my child?

The question that I’m addressing in this blog is around what information parents need when looking for career coaching for their child? There are so many businesses now calling themselves career consultants, career coaches, career counsellors, how can a parent make the right decision? As a parent of young adult daughters myself, whom I’ve supported […]

Why a youth career advisor can help your child

As a youth career advisor, I am asked what benefits professional career counselling can bring to a student. According to the systems approach to career development, career decision making can be complex and confusing, especially for youth, which is when some of the first career decisions are made. There are so many career influences: Family […]

The best career support for students

The best career support for students is hard to find. To provide the best support I can for all students, I keep up to date with what is going on world-wide in career development. In nations such as Canada, Sweden and Scotland, there are some great new ideas for professional career practice and Australian career […]

Career Coaching for Career Resilience

Career Coaching is really beneficial for your child’s career resilience. This is the finding of Sareena Hopkins, Executive Director of the Canadian Career Development Foundation. Sareena, International Gold Medal Winner for career development practice, has been speaking this week at the Career Education Association of Victoria (CEAV) Annual Conference. She highlighted the similarities between the […]

Life Coach or Career Coach

Can a life coach help you if they are not a qualified career coach? According to Michael Cavanagh, clinical psychologist, executive coach and deputy director of the Coaching Psychology Unit at the University of Sydney, life is highly individualised. Social networks aren’t so strong as they used to be. Plus, your career is your responsibility […]