Career Support & Learning at University

The University Landscape – Career Support & Learning at University Are you heading off to university?  Congratulations! This blog is for those of you who are entering higher education for the first time. You may not know what is available at university regarding career and learning support, so this blog is for you. Did you  […]

Reforming the Australian Tertiary System

I am posting a quick blog on the suggested reforms to the Australian tertiary system, as discussed this morning on the Breakfast show on ABC Radio National. I am aware of changes to the tertiary sector in Australia, in particular with respect to the new model of study, called the Block Model, at Victoria University […]

Careers Counsellor Services

Parents of year 12 students seeking careers counsellor services can obtain the following careers services from me at Karen Your Career Coach. My professional careers counselling services are affordable, progressive and confidential. Careers counselling is highly skilled work carried out by professional counsellors, qualified to post-graduate level in Career Development. Counselling incorporates psychological assessment and […]

The best career support for students

The best career support for students is hard to find. To provide the best support I can for all students, I keep up to date with what is going on world-wide in career development. In nations such as Canada, Sweden and Scotland, there are some great new ideas for professional career practice and Australian career […]

Career coaching in schools. What can parents expect?

Career coaching in schools. What can parents expect? A report released by researchers, McCrindle, on behalf of the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA), provides useful information for parents about the career coaching within schools, the hours that coaches are employed and what else is offered by their career department. The report also indicates: the […]

Courses, Open Days, and How to enrol

In year 12 our children are expected to make decisions about courses, to attend Open Days and know how to enrol, usually through VTAC, in higher education courses. That’s a lot to do when they’re busy studying for SACs, doing their VCEs, IB, VET or VCAL subjects. Parents, did you know how to do all […]

Taking your Child to the VCE and Careers Expo?

Are you taking your child to the VCE and Careers Expo? I was there last year (I blogged about it, remember?) and this year I’m going to be there every day as an exhibitor. I’m exhibiting at the VCE and Careers Expo with colleague Katie Adler, also a professional careers coach, on our stand on […]

How can your child be career smart?

How can your child be career smart? Indeed, what does career smart mean? According to Jan Smart, from the Foundation of Young Australians, we need to rethink what it means to be smart. There is rapid change in the world of work and we cannot assume that a job that our child takes now will […]

How career help works for students

Career help really works! I have been reading with interest some recently published research, by the Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF), which has found that career help works. Here is a key result from this work: Perhaps the most important finding from a practical perspective is that career development interventions work. Regardless of intervention need […]