Should you accept an internship?

I have been asked by parents and students, “should you accept an internship?” many times over the past few years. Internships are being used as training grounds by many organisations, and many young adults and their parents are concerned about the fairness of these schemes. The reality is that internships are a fact of working […]

Students doing Unpaid Work

Many students are doing unpaid work. This can be an advantageous arrangement with an employer, as it is well accepted that many unpiad jobs, or internships, turn into paid employment. However, unpaid work is not accessible to everyone, according to key findings of a Department of Employment report. Who is doing unpaid work, and why? […]

Say Yes to Internships

I am keen to share a link with my followers regarding Internships. This discussion from ABC Radio National, Life Matters program, aired today, Tuesday 3 February 2015 9:06AM   I am an advocate of Internships. An internship can provide wonderful experience for graduates and other job seekers. However, this ABC Radio feature highlights the level […]