The latest data on Gen-Zs – Study, Jobs, Life for Young Adults during Covid-19

study, work and life for young adults during the Covid-19 global pandemic

Why is year 9 such a difficult school year?

I read in The Age, on 29th august, that “Year 9 is (the) toughest time for students.” It’s being reported elsewhere too and is a discussion topic among teaching staff. So why is year 9 such as difficult school year and is there a light on the horizon? Many parents wonder why their child is […]

Clients with Mental Health Issues

  Clients with mental health issues are not receiving good quality careers support, according to a study published by the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC). Canada is seen to have some of the best standards in careers coaching and the Australian framework for career services draws upon the work that is being […]