How can I help my year 12 child during Covid-19 school closures?

Parents are concerned about long school closures during the Coronavirus, or COVID-19 pandemic. So how can you help your year 12 child during Covid-19 school closures? The global pandemic is a challenging situation for all of us, but especially so for year 12s and their parents. Australian schools are now closed for what might be […]

Bullying in school; workplace; parliament; The Bachelor Australia and The US Open Tennis.

Bullying occurs in school, the workplace, in parliament and in elite sport; online, and on reality TV shows, like The Bachelor Australia. Recent media reports are drawing attention to the fact that bullying has been rife in recent weeks in our nation’s parliament. Moreover, bullying in the 21st century invades our homes like never before. […]

Career Coaching from Year 9

Career coaching from year 9 at secondary school, is highly beneficial. This is according to Dr Jordan Bell, Psychologist and Dean of Lincoln College, Adelaide. On the other hand, if the career coaching is of poor quality, particularly regarding subject choices in year 10, this has been found to have a very negative effect upon […]