Choosing Study Pathways after year 12 – Higher education courses explained

When your child is in school they may not know what they want to study beyond their senior secondary compulsory education. So how do they go about choosing study pathways? In this blog I’ll briefly explain some higher education course titles and definitions. Higher Education explained & our Podcast with Kate Pease In our latest […]

How to help a Year 12 student apply for courses through VTAC

Today’s update to career guidance professionals is helpful in supporting year 12s who are applying for further education and training courses through VTAC. VTAC stands for Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre. This is the sorting house, or admissions portal, for all applicants to courses in 2022 whether they are: Year 12 students Young adults who recently […]

Applying for university or TAFE courses for 2021

Applying for university or TAFE courses for 2021 is going to be different to previous years. It’s July 2020 and for many of us the past 5 months have felt like being in a giant washing machine, being thrown about. Everything is stop-start; topsy-turvy like never before. There are so many uncertainties. With respect to […]

Is it too late for a year 12 student to apply for a university or TAFE course for 2020?

  What if your child hasn’t applied for a university or TAFE course for 2020? Is it too late to apply? The short answer is a resounding NO! Have a look at the quick reference table published by the admissions centre, VTAC. That’s the good news. The bad news is that they have missed out […]

How do you decide on your VTAC preferences?

This is the time to decide on your VTAC preferences if you are applying for tertiary courses in 2020. This applies to both year 12 and non year 12 applicants. So, how do you decide on your VTAC preferences? And how important is it to get your preferences in order? A lot of applicants are […]

How to apply for courses through VTAC

If you have a student in year 12, who needs help with applying for courses using the VTAC application process I can help. The VTAC application process can be overwhelming. If your year 12 child is confused and doesn’t know what tertiary courses he or she wants to apply for, I can help by working […]

Do you have to go to university?

I’m going to address another hot topic; the question of whether you have to go to university. A lot of year 12s ask me this question. Short story – I didn’t go to university straight from school, but pretty much most of my year group did so. I can also tell you that one of […]

Why a youth career advisor can help your child

As a youth career advisor, I am asked what benefits professional career counselling can bring to a student. According to the systems approach to career development, career decision making can be complex and confusing, especially for youth, which is when some of the first career decisions are made. There are so many career influences: Family […]

Vocational Education and Training

Vocational Education and Training, or VET, is poorly understood by both students and parents. In a recent survey it was found that: 49% of students have a good understanding of university and, 65% of parents have a good understanding of university. But, only 19% of students understand VET options and, only 27% of parents understand […]

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