Karen Lomas
October 7, 2020

Dates for interviews for Medicine degrees Australia

Karen Lomas
I am sharing an updated list of dates for the interviews for applicants to courses in medicine around Australia.

I have had very recent success working with a surgeon who was applying for a medical fellowship. We prepared for his interview thoroughly over a period of a few weeks. It was conducted online, which added complexity and also some nervousness, for my client.

We practiced timing and responses to the often used behavioural questions, such as the “What would you do if your fellow doctor shouted at a colleague?” etc.

He was more confident going into the panel interview and was successful in his application. He has now recommended my services to his associates, and has posted my business card on the doctor’s pin board at his hospital!

I’m so thrilled to have been part of his success in becoming a surgeon and gaining, not only the medical fellowship, but also in receiving a scholarship.

Please refer to the details below regarding the medicine interview dates and contact me if you have any questions regarding the interview process for getting into a doctor of medicine program in Australia.

Also, another way of being well prepared is to refer to iCanMed and so here is a useful link to the page about the medical interviews on iCanMed.


  • For UQ (Doctor of Medicine provisional entry), interview offers will be based solely on the UCAT (Sections 1-4). If the case of a tiebreaker, Section 5 will be used, and then Section 1 if needed. Course offers are then based on the UCAT (Sections 1-4) weighted at 25%, academic results weighted at 25%, and the interview weighted at 50% (which will also be used as a tiebreaker for applicants with the same final score).
  • For Monash (Medicine), interview offers will be based on Sections 1-4 of the UCAT, as well as Section 5 if required. Eligible applicants will be emailed about the interview process on 12-18 Oct 2020, and official interview offers will be released around 2-8 Dec 2020 (TBC).
  • For JMP, the interview dates have been extended and are now 18 Nov – 4 Dec 2020 (main round).
  • For the University of Sydney, interviews will be held on the 19 Dec 2020 and 18 Jan 2021. Course offers will be released on 23 Dec 2020 (Dec Round 2) and 21 Jan 2021 (Jan Round 2).
  • Here are my contact details again if you or your child is applying for a doctor of medicine degree, in Australia
  • www.karenyourcareercoach.com.au/contact

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