Karen Lomas
November 25, 2015

Career Fog?



Fog Harman WardaniIs this you? Are you in a career fog?

There’s almost too many options. Choice can be confusing and when you get a dozen suggestions of subjects and courses, the view gets really blurry.

I love this image, because I can remember feeling lost like someone on a hill top with the ground falling away on both sides. Feeling foggy is a good metaphor for the emotions that can stop us literally in our tracks. Admittedly, there was way more of the real stuff, fog, where I come from, and driving a car when the frozen fog comes down is seriously treacherous.

To remove the career fog and get moving again, it’s important not rush headlong into something uncertain – the wrong course, an expensive one that promises loads but won’t necessarily deliver quality education or training.

So some tips for stepping out of the career fog:

Talk to someone; a mentor, even your best friend.

Sleep on it. In the morning things may be clearer.

Write a list of ideas, or write down your concerns.

Get some work experience, or arrange to meet up and chat with someone who does what sounds like an interesting job. That might be a friend of an older sibling, or someone your mum knows.

Go to Careers Fairs in your local area, and Open Days at tertiary colleges and universities.

find yourself a private careers fog eliminator. It so happens, I’m a pretty good career fog buster!!


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