Karen Lomas
January 11, 2017

Looking for a job?

Is your child or young adult looking for a job?

Gaining employment is increasingly difficult in light of current trends. For example, automation is taking jobs from youth groups:

  • We pay at an automated teller at the supermarket more frequently that queue and pay a young employee.
  • More of the “human” roles are being taken over by robots. Zora, a small robot made in Belgium,  is a a Social Carer/Nurse. In Florida, Zora robots are carrying out functions such as taking residents for a walk and dancing with them. They are being readily accepted by residents.
  • A robotic hand called a Shadow Robot mimics most of the actions of a human hand. It can lift a glass of water and chop vegetables.

On the up-side, technology does create more jobs that it destroys. What is important if your child is looking for a job, is how to carry out a job search, because there is so much more competition for the jobs that remain.

For readers in Melbourne, here are encouraging statistics via the Australian Bureau of Statistics, from September 2016:

  • Melbourne is the second largest jobs market in Australia
  • 41,000 job vacancies exist in Victoria, of which 97% were in Melbourne
  • By 2020 there are predicted to be 226,100 new jobs for Melbourne
  • 88% of these jobs will be in service industries

This employment market knowledge is useful for young job seekers.

If your child is looking for a job they need to:

  • clarify which sectors interest them
  • identify their job skills and attributes
  • carry out a solid job search in a number of ways
  • create a good quality resume and cover letter
  • network effectively
  • learn interview skills
  • manage their applications
  • maintain motivation and perseverance

Job hunting can be hard work and requires determination and focus. I can help your young job seeker.

If your child is looking for a job, ask Karen your Career Coach on 0419 390 994 for ongoing professional and independent support.



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