Karen Lomas
November 10, 2017

Millennials and job security

For Millennials job security is one of the top two priorities in life.

Job security is proving to be a major preoccupation for Millennials, because young adults are aware of uncertainty in all professions. In a longitudinal study carried out for the Youth Research Centre, 500 Millennials responded to questions about job security. Co-author Hernan Cuervo discussed the findings with Amanda Smith on ABC Radio National, on Thursday. Cuervo found that 20-something adults, or Millennials, are finding that due to job and careers uncertainty, “work has permeated every aspect of their lives”.

I have personal experience of this in my own home. My daughter fits into the Millennial category, at age 24 years. It is quite normal for her to be in contact with her employer/co-workers outside of working hours, plus it is also not unheard-of for her to go into work when she is quite unwell with a cold or virus. She states that she “has to go in”, even if her doctor has provided her with a sick note. This relentless focus on performance is exactly what Cuervo found among respondents in this research project. Indeed, according to one young adult interviewed here; “my work follows me home”.

Other findings include:

  • 30% of Millennials report being unable to find work after completing tertiary study.
  • Another 30% are employed in low-skilled jobs despite completing under-graduate degrees.
  • It is typically taking Millennials 5 years post tertiary study to obtain meaningful, relevant full-time employment.
  • Job security is one of two major preoccupations for Millennials, the other is having a special relationship.
  • 1/3rd of young adults are under-employed.

Despite being “the most educated generation”, Millennials are struggling with gaining quality jobs and achieving job security.

If your young adult is facing this issue, please contact me at [email protected]

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