Karen Lomas
March 23, 2014

Mothers in the Boardroom

Mothers in the Boardroom. Heres’ a link that might interest professional young working women; also mothers in the workforce who aspire to the top chair; fathers who are supporting their spouses ambitions, and professionals who are interested in how to provide career progression opportunities for women.

This great debate on BBC World highlights the need for flexibility in the workplace, which I have talked about here before. The other issue mentioned by one of the great panelists was the unequal distribution of domestic labour, which remains an obstacle for women in ‘having it all’ without falling asleep at their desks. In the process of drawing attention to the need for women to access some reliable practical support, she destroyed the belief held by the men in the audience that there is a toilet roll fairy that replaces the empty roll.

You might be interested in the before and after votes.



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