Karen Lomas
September 26, 2018

Successful Career Coaching: Survey

My customer survey shows how successful my career coaching service is proving for my clients.

I love my career coaching work and I’m excited that my clients, both school students and adult career clients, are appreciating my coaching services.

In a recent Survey Monkey customer satisfaction survey I have received some great feedback. This is essential bench-marking for my service. I am obliged as a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) and the Career Education Association of Victoria (CEAV) to carry out bench-marking activities as part of the requirements of my professional accreditation. Indeed, the national peak body for the careers industry, Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) has; “established a benchmark against which career practitioners can be assessed, evaluated and judged by their peers and by others”and with endorsement from CICA I can offer my clients assurance of quality in career coaching practice.

So to summarise my career coaching client responses

  • I surveyed 50 of my current clients.
  • Of those 50, 22% of the clients who received the survey have so far submitted responses.
  • Of those, 100% are really happy with my careers coaching service.

Here’s a lovely testimonial from one of my happy students:

“Karen was great in helping me explore all potential options as well as giving me the confidence and tools to give myself the best opportunity to find employment. The service did not stop after the interview either, Karen would always check in with how I’m going and really helped me find my first full time job after I graduated university. I would recommend her service to anyone that needs a bit of guidance in their career.”

In order to ensure that I provide a successful career coaching service to my clients, I need to hear of their own successes in terms of:

  • Thinking about what their future will be like and becoming aware of the educational and vocational choices they need to make
  • Being able to make independent decisions, take responsibility for their actions, and count on themselves
  • Gain a curiosity around looking for opportunities to grow as a person, investigating options and observing different ways of doing things, and
  • Becoming more confident in their ability to do things well, learn new skills and work up to their ability (Career Adapt-Ability Scale, Savickas, M & Porfeli, E 2012)

Successful career coaching must incorporate a range of expertises, tools and resources. As well, a professional career coach must continue to engage in ongoing learning and to carry out thorough bench-marking of their services. My recent survey responses are really gratifying, but this will not make me complacent. In all business there is room for improvement, so I continue to strive for excellence and thereby support the successes of all of my clients.

Contact me at [email protected] to find out more.



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