What are STEM subjects and Soft Skills?

What are STEM subjects and Soft skills? These are the buzz words being used in careers. Everyone is talking about STEM subjects and soft skills, etc – the trouble is, do we know what these are and why they are related? Also, do we know how to communicate them to a prospective employer, or recruiter? […]

Best tertiary courses for job outcomes and career success

Are you looking for the best tertiary courses for your child? The courses that offer the best job outcomes and careers success? Of course you are! That’s what all parents want for their young job seeker. In year 10 your child is asked what subjects they want to study. In years 11 and 12 they […]

Helping with course preference change.

It’s been a busy few weeks helping with course preference change. So many parents, or students themselves, have contacted me this year, when their VCE results were released, for a range of reasons, and driven by anxiety and the urgency of the process. Many were looking for help because they did so well. Better than […]

The PaTH Plan

  The government PaTH Plan (Prepare, Trial, Hire) scheme, has been receiving a lot of press. In areas of high unemployment, hopes are high. After all, there are 120,00 people between the ages of 17 an 24 currently claiming income support, so something needs doing! But then we have commentators such as Anna Patty, of […]

Melbourne VCE and Careers Expo

  I spent yesterday at the Melbourne VCE and Careers Expo. Wow, it was busy, and jam packed with bus loads of year 10s from all over Victoria. I was happy to see that the event had drawn so many students. By the way, VCE stands for Victorian Certificate of Education. There exams are taken […]

Career Fog?

    Is this you? Are you in a career fog? There’s almost too many options. Choice can be confusing and when you get a dozen suggestions of subjects and courses, the view gets really blurry. I love this image, because I can remember feeling lost like someone on a hill top with the ground […]

Career Uncertainty

Natal’ya Galliot, PhD Candidate in Education at Macquarie University, argues for early career conversations with students in order to reduce career uncertainty. The education system should move towards ensuring that students are provided with career education sessions before they make their elective subject choices, enabling them to make informed decisions. At the moment, this rarely […]