Karen Lomas
August 15, 2017

A teaching degree. How to apply for 2018 entry, Victoria.

If you or your son/daughter hopes to apply for 2018 entry into a teaching degree course, in Victoria, there are some really important changes to be aware of.

Changes to teaching degree applications

Year 12s and most no-year 12 applicants for tertiary courses in Victoria will apply through VTAC. Applications for this have just opened. VTAC has released details of changes to entry into initial teaching degrees for both primary and secondary education. This is on top of other important changes already outlined based on the Higher Education Standards Panel‘s ruling that universities need to be more transparent about what they are looking for in applicants. See my previous blogs on this topic.

For teaching courses there is now an admissions test as well as a minimum selection rank. The admissions test is to be conducted by a central agency, CASPer, however the University of Melbourne is said to be devising its own entrance test.

The intention is that students applying to become a school teacher must exhibit particular skills and characteristics, so as to be able to manage the study components of a degree course in teaching. Also of course, they must be able to perform to required standards as an educator.

Most are welcoming the changes, however it imposes an additional burden upon applicants during this busy time of study in year 12.

School-based career practitioners generally support the new measures. However, there will be an increased obligation to care for the application process for these applicants so as to ensure that all steps are covered.

Of note, teaching degree course applicants, both year 12 and non year 12, in Victoria:

  • must gain a minimum ranking for some, if not most courses, of ATAR 65
  • the test, which is not being conducted by VTAC, carries a fee, which only applies to a single selection period
  • will not be able obtain their results as these go to the university not to the applicant
  • need to have a back-up choice, as they will not know whether they will be accepted or otherwise
  • CASPer is taken online on a computer with a webcam and microphone, on specific dates
  • will be required to demonstrate capabilities, beyond academic, such as: motivation to teach; strong interpersonal and communication skills; willingness to learn;resilience; self-efficacy; conscientiousness, and organisational and planning skills

If you, or your son or daughter, are considering a higher education course at degree level in teaching, these are the key changes to take into consideration for 2017 applications to commence study in 2018. in Victoria. For more information please refer to https://www.aitsl.edu.au/

You can contact Karen at [email protected] for an obligation free discussion on teaching degree courses in Victoria for 2018, or any other career related topic.





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