Vocational Education and Training

Vocational Education and Training, or VET, is poorly understood by both students and parents. In a recent survey it was found that: 49% of students have a good understanding of university and, 65% of parents have a good understanding of university. But, only 19% of students understand VET options and, only 27% of parents understand […]

Successful Career Coaching: Survey

My customer survey shows how successful my career coaching service is proving for my clients. I love my career coaching work and I’m excited that my clients, both school students and adult career clients, are appreciating my coaching services. In a recent Survey Monkey customer satisfaction survey I have received some great feedback. This is […]

Job Search and Networking.

Job search skills include active networking. Networking is so important for ongoing career success that I’m prompted to share a story about a current job search I’m helping with. The example I offer here demonstrates the importance of keeping doors open. My client works in the corporate sector. He has a long and distinguished career, […]

The qualifications that students need.

  The qualifications that students need for long-term career success are not necessarily the same qualifications that their parents obtained and the Australian Government recognises the need for radical change. The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) exists to set the standards of knowledge, skills and understanding required at each level of tertiary education. This framework has […]

The best career support for students

The best career support for students is hard to find. To provide the best support I can for all students, I keep up to date with what is going on world-wide in career development. In nations such as Canada, Sweden and Scotland, there are some great new ideas for professional career practice and Australian career […]

What work skills does my child need?

“What work skills does my child need?” is a question I’m so often asked, that I thought I’d write a blog on it. Identifying work skills for your child is really important. Our children need solid skills to become employable. But what skills to get, is difficult to decide. There are two types: Practical skills, […]

Career Coaching for School Students

In my work in career coaching for school age students I am having to keep well informed about the changes in education and training. The world of work is very different to when I was a school student. My father worked for two organisations across his work life. Now: our children finish school and have […]

Life Coach or Career Coach

Can a life coach help you if they are not a qualified career coach? According to Michael Cavanagh, clinical psychologist, executive coach and deputy director of the Coaching Psychology Unit at the University of Sydney, life is highly individualised. Social networks aren’t so strong as they used to be. Plus, your career is your responsibility […]

Millennials and job security

For Millennials job security is one of the top two priorities in life. Job security is proving to be a major preoccupation for Millennials, because young adults are aware of uncertainty in all professions. In a longitudinal study carried out for the Youth Research Centre, 500 Millennials responded to questions about job security. Co-author Hernan […]