Keep Calm…

Been away. Back now, and just want to send a message to everyone up to their necks in study notes…

Tall grass and Unicorns.

Sorry I’ve been a little awol, however in my travelling there have been times when I’ve been without that precious commodity, WiFi access. It’s ok, I’m recovering from the pain and anguish, in fact it’s actually quite refreshing to be looking at the scenery and engaging with my mates without distraction.

The Job of Job Hunting

My teenage daughters are looking for work. Yes, if you’re looking for a babysitter, waitress, retail assistant, do please let me know! You see they have self-funding issues, in that the cash for the Vodka (for the 19 year old), the new jeans, the party costumes (most recently a penguin), and other such necessities of […]

Should I enter MasterChef?

Actually I have no intention whatsoever of doing so, however my daughter keeps telling me that I should compete in a tv cookery competition just because I’m a half decent cook. Really, as if I don’t tell myself enough times in the day things like, “Karen, you really should do something about the fact that […]

A short story entitled, “It’s Never too Late”…

When  I was in school, many many years back, girls didn’t have quite the options they do now. I was told maybe I could become a secretary, or a teacher, a policewoman or a nurse (NOT a doctor, mind you). I think Mr Evans, our cute Welsh Geography teacher who doubled as Careers Advisor, just […]

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