Can you change your life in 50 coffees?

  I love the idea of calling someone up and suggesting a different coffee shop around Melbourne to meet for a chat about life, politics (very pertinent topic in Australia in light of the proposed changes to funding arrangements, for tertiary education), and career change. Transitions can be hard to navigate. They can be thrown […]

Guess What: Creative Industries Jobs are OK

This article appeared in The Conversation on 3rd April. Worth reflagging Guess what: creative industries jobs are okay By Jason Potts, RMIT University Sebastiaan ter Burg A little economics can go a long way, and that is certainly true when thinking about good jobs and bad jobs, and specifically whether some sectors have better jobs […]

Mothers in the Boardroom

Mothers in the Boardroom. Heres’ a link that might interest professional young working women; also mothers in the workforce who aspire to the top chair; fathers who are supporting their spouses ambitions, and professionals who are interested in how to provide career progression opportunities for women.

Nest Half Empty, or Half Full?

So many of my friends in England are looking forward to their young ones returning from their first term at university, for the Christmas break. They have found it really hard to see their child-no-longer leave home, and some have found their homes to be very quiet and empty without them. I say, “YOU DON’T […]

Careers 2014

I’m sharing a great interview from SBS News, as some of the best advice I can offer is for job seekers, and those embarking upon the next stage in their learning path, to be aware of what employers are looking for. Being mindful of future career opportunities empowers the individual to be proactive and pragmatic […]

Flexible Work Arrangements

This ABC Radio National Life Matters discussion is interesting to anyone who is an employer, an employee looking for flexibility in their working hours, and couples/working mothers in particular, who would love there to be arrangements that facilitate the continuation of employment and reduce the stress and juggle of multi-tasking.

Career Aspirations Frustrated?

Here is a really interesting article from the UK arguing that the provision of career support can be pivotal in helping young people to realise  their aspirations. I wonder whether this is deemed to  be an issue in other regions of the world.

“Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way”

I heard myself saying this to a despondent young man the other day, and wondered how helpful I was being. Oh dear, questioning my own tips might be a troublesome habit, however it does serve to galvanise me into action to check on my sources and ponder the idiom.

Brass bands, Bowler Hats, Guvnor’s wife in her Sunday Best

I have a silver fob watch in my jewelery box that belonged to my Grandpa. Proper silver, with a Hallmark. Engraved behind the outer casing, that opens and closes with a pleasing little ‘pop’ and ‘snap’, are the words;