Hiring Staff

  I’ve been doing a lot of work with young job seekers recently and so when the topic of hiring staff came up at ¬†lunch this week, I was all ears. The yummy lunch was with fellow members of the Bayside Business Network, at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club. The guest speaker was the well […]

Does ATAR predict Employability?

Does ATAR predict Employability? I’m about to argue that it does not. But In Australia over the past 2 days, there has been a big noise in ‘mainstream media’ and on social media platforms about ATAR results and this noise, as at this time every year, always bothers me slightly. See for example, The Age, […]

Career Fog?

    Is this you? Are you in a career fog? There’s almost too many options. Choice can be confusing and when you get a dozen suggestions of subjects and courses, the view gets really blurry. I love this image, because I can remember feeling lost like someone on a hill top with the ground […]

Promised a Job by a Careers Coach

It is very disappointing, more than that, upsetting, to hear that a young job seeker has been promised a job by a careers coach, only to find himself signed up to a fast-track course at a highly inflated price. See “The Age” today, and the story by Michael Bachelard and Henrietta Cook, titled “Education lures […]

Luck happens.

Luck happens when you least expect it. Sometimes in 3s; both good and bad. So, while pottering around the kitchen, on Friday morning, as I do, I heard Fran Kelly on breakfast radio talking to her guest about a book called, The Luck of Politics: True Tales of Disaster and Outrageous Fortune. The guest was […]

Victoria Police Work Experience Program

Victoria Police run a great work experience program for students who might be interested in a police force careers. With this Victoria Police Work Experience Program (VPWEP) it is essential to get your application in early as the demand is strong. Some students miss out simply because they hear about it too late, and all […]

It was his determination…

  According to the drama teacher of Tony Award winner, Alex Sharp, it was his determination that she remembers most about the young man who had been rejected by drama schools in the UK, went to the US to try his luck there, and who had a blank resume when he was cast in the […]

Who should go to University?

Another great big question mark at the top of the page, tells you we’re in yet another debate, and this one is very current in Australia, and very juicy. It’s a pretty polarising one about who should go to university. I’ll share another good read, courtesy of The Conversation, (which generously allows bloggers to re-publish). […]

Career Uncertainty

Natal’ya Galliot, PhD Candidate in Education at Macquarie University, argues for early career conversations with students in order to reduce career uncertainty. The education system should move towards ensuring that students are provided with career education sessions before they make their elective subject choices, enabling them to make informed decisions. At the moment, this rarely […]