Make a Difference in Fashion!

The vexed issue of textile and clothing manufacturing continues to provoke much attention even after decades of noisy advocacy from the likes of Naomi Klein. Klein wrote a great book called No Logo, on the topic, in 1999, exposing the actions of the brand bullies. It is now down to a new generation of savvy […]

Sound Engineering

Have a listen to yet another great ABC Radio National program. If you or your young person are interested in sound engineering, this is a must listen. Part Two to follow, and this one is great fun; a competition to see who can make the biggest audio from mobile audio gadgets without using electricity. This […]

So she wants to be on stage

Last year I worked with Sophie (I’ll call her Sophie). Sophie badly wants to be on stage. She lives and breaths performing, and always has. She’s the girl at parties who is up on a table performing Broadway songs; she knows all the words-she will not stop!! What if that’s your kid; who, by year […]

Watch what you Post!

The message in this blog needs shouting out, preferably with loud speaker, or fog horn, to everyone with an online presence. That’s you. Watch what you post, or it might ruin your career! In the 1980s and ’90s, a recruiter would rely 100% upon the written resume, and the testimony of referees, for information on […]

The Hybrid Career and the “Old” student doctor.

I met a wonderful lady the other day. I listened to her ‘history’ and instantly decided that I would write about her story as a great example of a Hybrid Careerist in action. She’s someone who has worked in many seemingly disparate domains, but whose work life has been rich and full. Then, next day, I […]

Say Yes to Internships

I am keen to share a link with my followers regarding Internships. This discussion from ABC Radio National, Life Matters program, aired today, Tuesday 3 February 2015 9:06AM   I am an advocate of Internships. An internship can provide wonderful experience for graduates and other job seekers. However, this ABC Radio feature highlights the level […]

The Resume is an Essential Tool for any Application

Professor of Career Education at ACU, Jim Bright, suggests that we under-rate the worth of a well drafted resume (or CV – Curriculum Vitae). Despite the increasing practice of having applicants complete an online personality test as a technique to reduce cumbersome piles of applications, the resume is a key resource for choosing the candidates […]

Career Decisions one Week at a Time

I have re-blogged this article from The Age Monday 4 August 2014, Education supplement. I strongly believe in the merits of work-experience programs in schools. In year 10, when students are beginning some career exploration work, it is of great benefit to work with then on resume writing, interview techniques and job search skills, and […]

Providing advice to Year 10 students: scaling and the ATAR

This blog is from VTAC  May 20, 2014 • Helping year 10 students make study choicesAll VCE studies are treated equally in the calculation of the ATAR The ATAR represents a students’ overall performance in their VCE studies, not just in one or two studies. In order to make sure that all studies are treated […]