Looking for a job?

Is your child or young adult looking for a job? Gaining employment is increasingly difficult in light of current trends. For example, automation is taking jobs from youth groups: We pay at an automated teller at the supermarket more frequently that queue and pay a young employee. More of the “human” roles are being taken over […]

It was his determination…

  According to the drama teacher of Tony Award winner, Alex Sharp, it was his determination that she remembers most about the young man who had been rejected by drama schools in the UK, went to the US to try his luck there, and who had a blank resume when he was cast in the […]

“Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way”

I heard myself saying this to a despondent young man the other day, and wondered how helpful I was being. Oh dear, questioning my own tips might be a troublesome habit, however it does serve to galvanise me into action to check on my sources and ponder the idiom.