Looking for a job?

Is your child or young adult looking for a job? Gaining employment is increasingly difficult in light of current trends. For example, automation is taking jobs from youth groups: We pay at an automated teller at the supermarket more frequently that queue and pay a young employee. More of the “human” roles are being taken over […]

So she wants to be on stage

Last year I worked with Sophie (I’ll call her Sophie). Sophie badly wants to be on stage. She lives and breaths performing, and always has. She’s the girl at parties who is up on a table performing Broadway songs; she knows all the words-she will not stop!! What if that’s your kid; who, by year […]

The F Word

The F word. Failure. It’s a word that needs to be banished from our language! I am reliably informed, although I’m having to listen carefully to work out the lyrics, that the song by Martin Sexton (You Tube Video attached) is about failing at something and going on to fulfil a long-held dream of being […]

Keep Calm…

Been away. Back now, and just want to send a message to everyone up to their necks in study notes…